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Pedodontics, also spelled Paedodontics, dental specialty that deals with the care of children’s teeth. The pedodontist is extensively concerned with prevention, which includes instruction in proper diet, use of fluoride, and practice of oral hygiene. The pedodontist’s routine practice deals basically with caries (tooth decay) but includes influencing tooth alignment. Lengthy treatment may be required to correct incipient abnormalities in tooth position. Braces or other correctional devices may be used. The pedodontist needs patience and a basic knowledge of children’s behavioral patterns, as well as a knowledge of the effects on the mouth of physical and mental diseases.
Pedodontics is a stream of Dentistry, which deals with the dental and oral problems of children from birth till adolescence. A person who aspires to pursue a specialization course in Pedodontics can enroll into post graduation programme in Pedodontics. MDS in Pedodontics is a three-year post graduate degree course during which a student learns many things not only about dentistry but also about, child psychology, avoiding disease causality and other Peadiatric restorative Techniques.
There are a number of Dental colleges in India which have added MDS in Pedodontics as a specialization course in their teaching curriculum. One planning to enroll into this programme must possess a graduate degree in Dental Surgery (BDS) from an institute recognized by the Dental Council of India. All dental colleges in India offer admission to students on the basis of their scores in national or state level centralized entrance exams. After successfully completing MDS in Pedodontics programme, one can join a government or a private hospital. Check out the list of colleges offering MDS in Pedodontics courses in India.
Dental Colleges in Bangalore offering MDS in Pedodontics are listed below:

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