MDS in Community Dentistry

About MDS in Community Dentistry

Communist Dentistry is a branch of Dentistry which deals with preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting physical and mental efficiency through organized community efforts for the sanitation of the environment, the control of communicable infections , the education of individual in personal hygiene, the organization of medical and nursing services for the early diagnosis and preventive treatment of disease and the development of the social machinery to ensure everyone a standard of living adequate for the maintenance of health.
Community Dentistry is a course in the field of dental science. It is the study of dental or oral health problems of a whole community or group of people living in a particular geographical conditions rather than an individual. MDS in Community Dentistry is a three-year post graduate degree programme during which a student learns about the social and legal aspects of Dentistry. Along with this, the student also learns about biostatistics, holding seminars and dental camps etc. To enroll into this course, one must possess an MBBS or BDS degree from a recognized institute. Centralized Entrance Exams are conducted on national level and candidates are chosen by institutes on the basis of their performance in such entrance exams. After the candidate has completed his post graduate degree in Community Dentistry, he/she can join any government organization like Public Health Foundation of India. Explore the colleges offering MDS in Community Dentistry course in Bangalore.
Dental Colleges in Bangalore offering MDS in Community Dentistry are listed below:

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