Bachelors in Public Health

About Bachelors in Public Health

If you are interested in a career in the healthcare industry and would like to help in reaching out to the community in general, then a Bachelors in Public Health degree may be perfect for you. A program in Bachelors in Public Health education provides students with knowledge of healthcare operations, business administration and human resource management. Bachelors in Public Health is the study of community health as a whole.

The Bachelors in Public Health is a four year program during which students learn about health policy and education, epidemiology, social sciences and environmental health sciences. Biostatistics which is the application of statistics in biology is also an important part of a public health program curriculum. Students are taught to learn about people’s attitudes towards health from an anthropological and psychological view point. Courses related to health services administration are also offered. Students learn to assess a community’s health requirements, devise plans and policies and implement health programs.

Careers in Public Health
A Bachelors in Public Health degree prepares graduates for entry level positions in the healthcare industry. Bachelors in Public Health professionals are employed at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies and health organizations. Bachelors in Public Health can find jobs in the areas of health administration, research, education and policy development. Bachelors in Public Health experts can work in roles such as health educator, public health social worker, epidemiologist, health program analyst and more. Salaries may vary depending on the specialization you choose within the public health sphere.

A Bachelors in Public Health degree will help those in other fields understand the principles of public health and apply these principles to their practices.

A candidate pursuing Bachelors in Public Health course Should have service mentality, stamina, patience, power of concentration, emotional stability, logical and analytical mind, problem solving ability, communication skills, leadership quality, ability to take timely decisions, self -motivation etc. They should have the instinct to help and serve without getting sentimentally attached. Apart from these one must have a pleasant smiling face whatever be the situation.

List of colleges with Bachelors in Public Health course in Karnataka

1 Padmashree Institute of Health Sciences

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