B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology

About B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology

B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology enables health care professionals to record and study the electrical activity of the brain and nervous system. It is a division of science which deals with the study of nervous system. Neuroscience involves various disciplines such as physics, mathematics, psychology, computer science, philosophy and medicine. Neuroscience is also known as neurobiology.

The main function of a Neuroscientist is to investigate all areas of the nervous system. B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology specialist use a variety of techniques to record electrical activity arising from a patient’s brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and other parts of the nervous system. B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology specialist work with specially trained physicians who interpret the data and determine treatment based on the information. Data gathered with Neuro Science Technology are used for medical research and to diagnose health problems such as brain tumours, strokes, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and Alzheimer’s.

B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology programs essetially study the relationship between nervous system and the brain. It helps in solving issues related to nervous systems and the brain. This field with its widescope offers several career options to many students.

A career in B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology is challenging and interesting.

Graduates with a B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology major are employed in research teams in universities and research institutes. B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology students can also proceed to honours and PhD qualifications, leading to senior teaching or research positions

Students aspiring to take up neuroscience as a career can specialize in either one of the following options: –

  • Neural engineering
  • Behavioral neuroscience
  • Systems neuroscience
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Neuroscience studies
  • Neurology
  • Neuroimaging
  • Neurolinguistics
  • Developmental neuroscience
  • Psychiatry

Job Prospects
A career in neuroscience is a challenging but an interesting field in science. Neurologists get paid quite well. Therefore, most students opt for a career in neurology in comparison to psychiatry and neuropathology. It is easy to find a profitable job in hospitals, companies associated with research, government organizations and maybe even pharmaceutical companies.

You may find employment in : 

  • Hospitals
  • Companies associated with research
  • Government organizations
  • Pharmaceutical companies

You may find work as : 

  • Neurologist
  • Biochemist
  • Neurobiologist
  • Psychophysicist
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Community Mental Health Worker
  • Psychopharmacologist
  • Animal Neurologist
  • Neural Engineer
  • Genotype
  • Neural Network Researcher and many more

List of colleges with B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology course in Bangalore

  • St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore

List of colleges with Neuro Science Technology course in Karnataka

2 KLE University, Belgaum
3 St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore

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