Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences, Bangalore

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences is situated as a part of the 32 acre picturesque campus in the heart of Bengaluru city. The Dental College is housed in two buildings, the pre-clinical and clinical block. The Dental College and Hospital has comprehensive facilities for:
1.  Patient care
2.  Student clinical practice and training,
3. Education and research in dental and oral diseases and disorders.
The Pre-Clinical block is a 4-storeyed state-of-the-art building with all the pre-clinical departments, laboratories, library and classrooms. The college provides modern clinical, lecturing, tutorial facilities for the dental education of a student intake of 60 each year.The Clinical block is equipped with tutorials, laboratory and clinical facilities. It comprises of the clinical departments of all specialities in dentistry ranging from diagnosis, child dentistry to surgery, restorative, cosmetic and preventive dentistry.Scope of DentistryIn a human body mouth is considered to be the mirror dental health being intimately related is part and parcel of the general health and well being of an individual. With increasing awareness in oral health and surge in the demand for cosmetic dental care together with technological advances in delivery of dental care, need for trained professionals in this field is ever increasing. As dentistry offers a satisfying, rewarding and lucrative career, it has become the subject of choice for aspiring professionals of tomorrow.
Why Study Dentistry at Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences?Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences was founded in the year 1991 and has been a pioneer in providing dental education and dental health care. The college is professionally managed and has been nurtured & developed with best of technical and professional infrastructure to suit the ever increasing needs of modern day dental health care.
Strong teaching-learning process.At present the college imparts undergraduate teaching to 60 students annually. The facilities at Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences are of very high standard with faculty of rich experience and expertise with deep sense of commitment to offer their best to the students on a one-to-one basis. Throughout the course, dental students will have close contact with the teaching staff, and senior students, which allows learning by example and peer review. In line with technical advances, the dental hospital attached to the college is well equipped with modern gadgets to impart specialized dental treatment, training and the requisite skills to students.Emphasis on total development of an individual

Lectures and workshops from professionals of national and international repute are part of continuing dental education programs. The institution is also actively involved in community dental health and treatment programmes catering to the needs of rural population with the intention of providing an awareness and knowledge on oral diseases and importance of good oral hygiene practice among school children and rural folk. Apart from imparting dental education, the college stresses upon the overall development of its students by encouraging sports and other extra curricular activities.

Dentistry today involves treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases of the mouth, ranging from tooth decay to mouth cancer. The five-year course in Dental Surgery at Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences is designed to provide both the scientific background and the practical skills that are needed throughout one’s career as a dentist.


  • Centralized library.
  • Sports complex which includes state of the art gymnasium, squash courts, tennis, basket ball courts and foot ball ground.
  • Canteens.
  • Hostels.
  • Amphitheatre.
  • State of the art auditoriums.


The intake for Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) is 60 each year.


  1. Oral Medicine & Radiology (4 seats).
  2. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (2 seats).
  3. Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics (6 seats).
  4. Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics (5 seats).
  5. Prosthodontics including crown and bridge (2 seats).
  6. Public Health Dentistry (2 seats).
  7. Periodontics (2 seats).

Ph.D. and Certification Courses

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences college is offering Ph.D. courses in

  • The Department Of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • The Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics.
  • The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.
  • The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology.

One year Certification courses in Esthetic Dentistry and Implantology are also available.

The PHD and Certification courses are recognized by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka.

For enquiries about Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences, Bangalore, submit the Admission Enquiry form

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For enquiries about Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences, Bangalore, submit the Admission Enquiry form

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